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Aravind Prasad

Aravind started his music career as a formally trained tablist. He shifted over to drums and pads while playing for Brindhavan Orchestra. He is also involved with sequencing melody and rhythm tracks for songs. He is also a tech freak and a real whiz when it comes to the softwares we use. Aravind also happens to be the recordist for this album. He has completed Electrical Engineering and employed in a private firm in Bangalore.


Keerthi is a trained mridangam player who has played at a number of concerts. He switched over to the tabla recently and is a part of Vikshepa in that capacity. He also aids Aravind in the rhythm programming. He has completed Mechanical Engineering.


Pramodh started as a singer along with Vinod in Vikshepa. Slowly, he realised his potential as a song composer and became a full-fledged musician who handles almost all instruments with alacrity. Almost all the songs on this album have been composed by him. He has also sung for a number of orchestras in the city. Pramodh has completed his Industrial Engineering and  MS from USA.He is presently employed in USA.

Shadrach Solomon

Solomon is undoubtedly the most talented individual in the team. He has completed seven grades in piano and keyboard lessons. He has a great sense of music and his talent has been recognised by a number of giants in the music industry. He has taken care of all the background scores in the album. He also plays for a number of other famous bands including "Antaragni" and "Laya Taranga". He has completed Electrical Engineering and has own firm and composes music for film and TV media.He also performs as a Troupe.Mr.Solomon may be contacted through face book "Shadrach Solomon"

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Vinod, along with Pramodh is a singer for Vikshepa. He has sung with many orchestras in the city. Vinod has written lyrics for all the songs in "Souls In Trance". He has also helped Aravind with the recording. Vinod has completed his Industrial Engineering and  MBA .At present he is with INTEL,Bangalore after serving MindTree Consulting Private Limited ,Bangalore as Associate, for two years.

About The BandHome PageBehind the Scenes