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Here, I attempt to give a brief insight into each of the songs, how they were conceived and some of the interesting incidents that took place during their recordings.
                                                                                                                      --- VINOD

melody: pramodh     lyrics:vinod

This was our first romantic song. Pramodh came up with this tune in the year 2000 and I suggested that something along the lines of nostalgia would be a good theme for it. Initially, the tune was called "Fruit Juice" because Pramodh composed it after drinking a number of fruit juices. From the cocktail, he drew his inspiration where lesser mortals might have had a queasy tummy. The song becomes even more special to me because I lost a very close friend during the recording. Nostalgia- how appropriate !!!

mashaal ( welcome to light )
melody: pramodh, solomon, aravind, keerthi

This is our very first original composition. It is a musical composed in 1998. The theme was provided by Pramodh and constant changes have been made over the last three years. Keerthi has lent his vocals for the konnakol in this song.

jeene ka mauka
melody: vinod     lyrics: vinod

This is the only song that I have provided the tune for. This is a powerful song that talks about the horrors of child abuse. I have always felt very strongly about this subject and when the tabloids had a field day reporting the alleged molestation of a minor by the father of a beauty pageant, I decided to write this song.

melody: pramodh     lyrics: vinod

This is a fast and catchy number that hardly makes sense. We wanted a term that was unique as a theme- something that didn't mean anything in Hindi. An old Kannada song "Kuladalli Keel Yaavudho Hucchappa" gave us just that in the form of "Hucchappa".

so jaa
melody: pramodh     lyrics: vinod

This is my favorite tune from amongst the stuff that Pramodh has churned out. This is a mellifluous lullaby that we plan to test on Pramodh's nephew or niece when he or she  comes into our world. This song is dedicated to him/her.

mannil saerum munne
melody: pramodh, solomon      lyrics: vinod

This our second original composition and the first in Tamil. A powerful theme, this song deals with communal harmony. The song has a classical touch to it. It was composed on Pramodh's terrace and has an interesting story as to how the tune was composed but Pramodh won't let me narrate it here.

dhin dhinak dhin
melody: pramodh      lyrics: vinod

When Bangalore had her first showers this year, this tune took shape in Pramodh's mind. Yet another catchy song almost along the lines of Bollywood strains. I guess it is the most jinxed song that we have recorded to date. A number of times the song tracks would get erased from the computer's memory, there would be power breakdowns and similar problems. This song has tested our patience infinitely.

melody: solomon lyrics: vinod

Individual ProfilesHome PageAbout the Album